Letter From the Principal

May 15, 2015

The foundation of this school was built on both quality education using the Montessori Method as well as providing a caring and nurturing environment where the best interest of the child is always put first.

To be able to observe the students over the course of a year is an opportunity to see the growth of each child. Students’ accomplishments both academically and personally are outstanding. Each child is allowed to develop at their own pace while taking into consideration their personal characteristics and learning style, which then encourages the child to blossom when they are ready. From learning to read their first book, to performing their first addition sums, all the students achieve great accomplishments. It is important to continually challenge students in new ways, as this will help build perseverance and motivation to meet the challenges which students will confront in the future. Developing the whole child is of the utmost importance in order for students to meet the demands and challenges of today’s society.

In November of 1999 we started with 3 students! Over the years we’ve had the pleasure of watching TMCMS grow into the beautiful school it is today! At TMCMS we have witnessed the true value of our school when visited by our first students, who are now confident, well balanced and graceful young adults. Although each child’s journey was different, many have always shared that they will always remember their time here at TMCMS which started so long ago. We are very proud to have set the foundation for so many wonderful children.

All of our teachers here at The Mississauga Children Montessori Private School consistently strive to ensure students are given the opportunity to build positive attitudes towards themselves and learning. Each day we are given the chance to inspire, motivate, and influence our students, and it is our passion for teaching which brings great joy to our days here at TMCMS.

Sincerely yours,


  • Mrs. Mary C. Jallette
    Senior Principal